Associated Researchers

Mag. Dr. Verena Blaschitz

Mag. Dr. Verena Blaschitz is a postdoc university assistant at the Department of Linguistics of the University of Vienna. She studied Applied Linguistics at the University of Vienna and finished her PhD in Linguistics in 2012 (" Narrative Qualifizierung. Dimensionen ihrer Erfassung bei Kindern mit Deutsch als Zweitsprache"). After working for the European Academy Bolzano (2012-2014) she started to work as a freelancer in the INPUT-Project in 2016. She is currently conducting her post doc-project on the narrative acquisition of monolingual and bilingual children with different socioeconomic/educational backgrounds. The main focus of her research is first and second language acquisition, narrative acquisition, German as a second language.

Mag. Maria Weichselbaum, BA MA

Mag. Maria Weichselbaum, BA MA studied Linguistics, German as a Foreign and Second Language and Education in Vienna. During her study she taught as a German Teacher in Odessa, Ukraine. Since 2012 she supports the INPUT-Project by data collection and analyzing. Her research interests are First and Second Language Acquisition, Child Directed Speech and the use of dialects. She ist part of the scientific staff of the INPUT-Project and writes her dissertation on "(socio)pragmatic aspects in the Input of kindergarten teachers and the development of pragmatic competences of preschool children".

Mag. Sabine Sommer-Lolei, MA

Mag. Sabine Sommer-Lolei, MA studied Spanish and Portuguese at University of Vienna, where she first got in touch with the linguistics fields. Therefore she started studying linguistics, particulary psycho-, patho- and neurolinguistics. Due to her interest for first language acquisition and also the acquisition of grammar she became a certified dyslexia and dyscalculia trainer. She started up her own business in Stockerau (lower Austria) and trains pupils (children and teenager). Currently she is writing her dissertation on Early acquisition of german word formation. She is especially interested in first language acquisition, in particular in the acquisition of morphology and word formation (compounds and derivation) as well as speech disorders in children and neurological caused disorders of the language system.