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Mag. Dr. Christine Czinglar

Mag. Dr. Christine Czinglar studied Linguistics in Vienna. From 1999-2003 she taught German Syntax and since 2010 she teaches Second Language Acquisition at the Department of Linguistics. She worked in a research project on Child Language Acquisition at the Austrian Academy of Sciences and she was lecturer at the Department of German at the Péter-Pázmány-University in Piliscsaba/Budapest from 2004-2009. In 2012 finished her dissertation project, for which she got a research grant from the University of Vienna 2012 and the Theodor-Körner-Preis in 2011. Her research interests are Second Language Acquisition, German as a Second/Foreign Language, First Language Acquisition, Acquisition of Syntax and Austrian German. She is a collaborator in the INPUT project.



Mag. Dr. Eva Maria Freiberger

Mag. Dr. Eva Maria Freiberger studied Linguistics at the University of Vienna. In 2013, she finished her dissertation on motion event expressions in early German child language, which was supported by a DOC fellowship from the Austrian Academy of Sciences and a research grant from the University of Vienna. Her main research interests are first language acquisition of German, especially the acquisition of time, space, and (mor)phonotactics, and language processing. Since January 2014, she has been working on the French-Austrian bilateral project "Human Behaviour and Machine Simulation in the Processing of (Mor)Phonotactics".

Mag. Dr. Sabine Laaha

Mag. Dr. Sabine Laaha

Mag. Dr. Sabine Laaha studied Linguistics, French, and Russian at the University of Vienna. In 2004, she finished her PhD in Linguistics (with co-supervision at the Department of Psychology, University Paris 5). From 2005 to 2012 she worked as a postdoc researcher at the Austrian Academy of Sciences before moving to the University of Vienna in April 2012. The main focus of her research is children's first language acquisition. Currently she is especially interested in the spoken language acquisition of deaf children with a cochlear implant, as compared to hearing children. On July 1, 2012 Sabine took up a Marie Curie fellowship of 15 months at the University of Antwerp [Project MORLAS; FP7-PEOPLE-2011-IEF].

Mag. Sabine Sommer-Lolei

Mag. Sabine Sommer-Lolei studied Spanish and Portuguese at University of Vienna, where she first got in touch with the linguistics fields. Therefore she started studying linguistics, particulary psycho-, patho- and neurolinguistics. Due to her interest for first language acquisition and also the acquisition of grammar she became a certified dyslexia and dyscalculia trainer. She started up her own business in Stockerau (lower Austria) and trains pupils (children and teenager). Currently she is writing her dissertation on Early acquisition of german word formation. She is especially interested in first language acquisition, in particular in the acquisition of morphology and word formation (compounds and derivation) as well as speech disorders in children and neurological caused disorders of the language system.


Mag. Viktoria Templ, BA MA

Mag. Viktoria Templ, BA MA, studied Linguistics, German as a Foreign and Second Language (DaF/DaZ) and Educational Science at the University of Vienna. Since 2012 she supports the INPUT-Project by data transcription, collection and testing. In 2014 she taught German at the Philological Department in Nikšić/Montenegro and since then she is working as a DaF-teacher in adult education. Since January 2016 she is part of the scientific staff on the INPUT-Project and writes her dissertation on "Situation specific language use in the institutional educational context". Her main research interests are first language acquisition as well as methodical-didactic and linguistic issues according to second (and foreign) language acquisition.


Mag. Kumru Uzunkaya-Sharma

Mag. Kumru Uzunkaya-Sharma obtained her master in Philosophy and Turkology in 2004 and worked at local and international women’ s organisations cooperating with Turkey up to 2006. She is a certified examiner for Turkish and German as a foreign language, teaching Turkish as a foreign language since 1998 and German since 2004. In 2011 she obtained also the pedagogic qualification for running a private „children’s group“ as she is interested in working with children learning in multilingual settings. At the moment her focus is on language acquisition of children with multilingual parents. She is part of the scientific staff of the INPUT project and writes her dissertation on "Parental L1 input to children in Viennese Turkish-speaking families in relation to their socio-economic background".


Lisa Buchegger, BA MA

Lisa Buchegger, BA MA studied German philology, where she first came into contact with linguistic topics. She then decided to get her Master's degree in Applied Linguisics at the Department of Linguistics in Vienna. During her studies she spent a semester in Paris. Her majos interests are first and second language acquisition and language learning and teaching. She also started to study German as a second and foreign language to get a little bit more insight in the current work field and collect practical experience. She is currently working on her Phd which will explore questions in CDS and CS and if there is a connection between the socioeconomic status and the use and acquisition of questions.

Guest researcher: Mag. Dr. Katharina Brizić

Mag. Dr. Katharina Brizić is currently spending a research period at the Berkeley Language Center BLC, University of California/USA.

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